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Ready to boost your nutrition consulting methods, while taking your health and wellness business to new levels?

From personal trainers to wellness coaches, the Signature Series is your one-stop solution for nutrition and wellness.

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No matter if you are a health club owner, personal trainer or medical practitioner, our Signature Series will help your company transition easily into the weight management consulting business.

Our Signature service is used by medical professionals, wellness organizations, nutritionists, health clubs, fitness professionals, web-based service businesses, supplement companies and educational institutions.

What Does the Signature Series Do?

The Signature Series allows you to perform these primary functions and more:

  • Perform dietary analysis of an individual’s current eating habits to identify shortfalls, over-consumption, and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. This service typically justifies why the client should contract a health and wellness professional consultant to provide weight management services.
  • Build meal plans from scratch using our foods database or add foods to the system. This saves time, build creditability, and limits liability with our PhD approved meal plans.
  • Perform and evaluate fitness assessment tests. These include Cardiovascular, using simple step up or bike tests, Strength, using sit up or pushups, and Flexibility, using sit and reach method.
  • Contest Module, a turn key solution to launch your very own "Big Loser" type of competition. You can also add your company logo and header to give reports the professional appearance you have been looking for.
  • Monitor activity, track usage, chat and send coaching messages, and evaluate your client’s progress against established goals.
  • FitBit tracking integration, have clients sync their Fitbit and their data will be synchronized to their account.

Complementing our Signature Series with your health and wellness business will increase your brand, elevate client retention, and boost creditability.

Pricing – Efficient Results Signature Series

$99.00 Activation fee plus first month billed in advance to get started. Then the following levels apply:

Level Price
up to 10 profiles $89.95 per Month.
up to 25 profiles $129.95 per Month.
up to 50 profiles $169.95 per Month.
up to 100 profiles $308.95 per Month.

Please contact us if you need more than 100 profiles

Important Notes: You will start out with the basic up-to 10 profile plan. Your initial sign up includes a one-time $99 activation fee plus your first month of minimum profile billing of $89.95 (total sign up fee $188.95). As you add more profiles, your monthly payment may increase automatically based on the number of profiles you have added to your account. Example: Once your account reaches 11 or more profiles, but not exceeding 25, your next monthly billing will be $129.95. You may also delete profiles at any time once they reach more than 30 days old. Your monthly billing may decrease automatically if your number of profiles is less that the previous months billing using the price levels described herein.